Salt is an important component of our life. The demand of the industry in high purity NaCl is continuously increasing. The production of NaCl belongs to the most energy consuming processes in the base chemical industry.

Therefore it is decisive to choose the most suitable process considering all environmental and energy aspects in order to ensure the economic efficiency for a long term.

EVATHERM belongs to the worldwide leading engineering companies serving the salt industry. Independently from the raw material source - solar salt, rock salt, brine or seawater, EVATHERM will find the optimal process that suits the customer’s needs in terms of energy efficiency, product purity and purge handling.

Yearly several million tons of salt are produced in numerous EVATHERM salt plants world wide.

We have the know-how and capability to offer the full technological range for modern salt production:

The Chemical Brine Treatment is the key to optimal salt purity with low chemical consumption. EVATHERM has extensive experience in batch purification and can supply a system that takes all relevant factors into consideration for best results.

A modern salt plant does not consist only of an evaporation plant, moreover the whole production process has to be considered beginning with the raw material input and ending with the final product handling. Special attention has to be paid to the energy generation, which is the key question for the profitability of a vacuum salt plant. The following block diagram shows an example of such a comprehensive survey integrating the energy generation by means of a cogeneration unit into the overall process.