The applications of EVATHERM's technology are as versatile as the chemical industry itself. Reliable technology and well functioning plants are the company's strength.

EVATHERM continues to improve the existing technology in order to achieve higher energy efficiency, better product quality and reduced operating costs. Through its close cooperation with the clients and its extensive experiences in the chemical industry EVATHERM develops new processes tailored to the specific demands of the clients.
EVATHERM's process plants and equipment has been successfully used for many years for different applications. Following some typical applications:

Salt Works

Salt is an important component of our live. The demand of the industry in high purity NaCl is continuously increasing. The production of NaCl belongs to the most energy consuming processes in the base chemical industry.

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Chloralkali Industry

The chloralkali industry is an integral part of the economy of many countries around the word. EVATHERM provides innovative solutions for the brine circuit, sulphate removal and caustic concentration.

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Chemical Industry

EVATHERM's evaporation and crystallization systems are utilized in many diverse operations in the processing of numerous inorganic and organic substances for chemical firms. The following listing highlights some main applications in the chemical industry:

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