The chloralkali industry is an integral part of the economy of many countries around the world. EVATHERM provides innovative solutions for the brine circuit, sulphate removal and caustic concentration.

Beside of the know-how for NaOH-Concentration Units and modern Salt- and Brine Purification Plants, EVATHERM owns a dedicated technology for the sulphate removal from the depleted brine circuit. Instead of a precipitation with Ba-salts, a Thermal Sulphate Removal Process can be a more environmental friendly and economical solution. By means of a so called Fractional Crystallization the sulphates are crystallized as Na2SO4, which is a valuable by-product for the industry. Different solubilities for each compound on different temperatures are the driving force for the selective separation of Na2SO4 from a NaCl-Na2SO4-NaClO3-brine.

The combination of a Caustic Soda Concentration Unit together with a Thermal Sulphate Removal Process shows one of the latest developments in the Chloralkali Industry (see process flowsheet above). A sophisticated process link on the steam side brings significant savings in the consumption of thermal energy and investment costs as well.

Our technology for the Hypo-Chlorite Recovery is an important contribution to our commitment to the environment protection.